Supply is used to register the receipt of goods or the delivery of services. For each item the quantity delivered must be entered and checked against the quantity ordered. Once everything is entered, a list will be printed and checked against the received delivery note. The layout of this list can be customized but generally the default "control packing slip" will be sufficient. Another form of this list is a on storage location sorted list with which the goods can be easily stored in the warehouse.

While entering in Supply it is possible per item to specify for which work order (see Order) the goods received or delivered services are intended. In that case the work order number is entered earlier while ordering using BuyIt. The supplier references these numbers on the delivery notes. In this way, it is easy for each work order or project to make clear which parts can be continued or finalized. With Supply it is futhermore possible to indicate if the items are either stored in the warehouse or directly processed in the current work orders.

Further, the prices can be entered or passed from the purchase order. The prices are then compared with the agreed price or price fixing whereafter the delivery note is approved and automatically passed on to accounting.

Supply is not required if BuyIt is used.