Visual Enterprise Portal is designed to quickly and easily create Web 2.0 websites. There can be fully worked from a web browser like Internet Explorer. The portal can be provided with a unique style and design that simply and in detail can be generated with the 'Template Generator'. See the link below!

It is also possible to start immediately by choosing from one of the standard designs shown above. The main menu of the Portal can be choosen freely, modified or extended. Moreover, the main menu (the tabs) can be provided with an unlimited number of (deeply nested) submenus's.

The pages of the Portal have to be filled by choosing a place for a standard module which can be freely determined or changed. There is a module to edit the contents of articles or publications. This contents can include photos, hyperlinks, tables, flash and more. Various other modules are or will become available, including a  Forum module.

The Portal appears automatically in the language of the user as configured in the browser. This also applies to all standard management functions which are available in English and Dutch. The supported languages can easily be made visible to the end user. Clickable flags will appear to the right of the menu to select another language. The default language is English for browsers whose language is not supported.

User roles are used to control access to the portal. An unlimited number of roles can be created. For each group of users there can be determined which (sub) menus and modules are visible and which may be edited or changed. This makes the Portal  suitable for internet, intranet and extranet.

Because the Portal can be integrated with Visual Enterprise, using standard or custom modules, a high degree of cooperation between employees and departments can be made possible with intranet. When using the Internet a more intensive and better interaction with the customer or customer group is possible. The latter by providing customized support, the ability to register (like articles, warranty, points), order entry, shop, forum and more.

As previously mentioned, the discerning user can create an unique design with the 'Template Generator'. Click the link below to download a free demo of this software. The demo allows to export the design as HTML. Uploading the stylesheet.css file and the images folder are sufficient to provide the Portal with the new design.

Visual Enterprise Portal  

Visual Enterprise Portal